Spirit Forward

Spirit Forward

A bartending amateur’s journey toward cocktail expertise


The History, Methods, & Madness behind the many classics gracing our glasses, from Pre-Prohibition to Mid-Century Tiki to the Modern Creations already making a name for themselves.


Spirits, Liqueurs, Craft Beers, & the places to enjoy them; I’ll be taking a look at everything I can get my hands on… or at least everything I can afford.


Special Projects, Updates, Off-Topic & General posts.

Latest Posts

  • Tiki 101: Understanding & Undertaking the Cult
    When I first started getting into cocktails, Tiki drinks were a curiosity. I would see Greg from How to Drink ditch his plaid & apron for a Hawaiian shirt & eschew citrus zests for orchids, all while waxing poetically about complicated concoctions with rum, juices, & a multitude of other ingredients for which I had […]
  • Cocktail: The Old Fashioned
    Sugar, Water, Spirit, Bitters That’s the formula for what many people consider the original cocktail – The Old Fashioned. That’s what we’re taking a look at to celebrate World Old Fashioned Week. Before the mid-1800’s, alcohol consumption was mostly split into two categories – locally made alcohol, from the local tavern or from one’s own […]
  • Video: Spirit Forward blog at Disney’s Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2019

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Procuring, Creating, & Imbibing great drinks can be a wonderful hobby, but if we aren’t careful, it can become a safety liability.
I discourage alcohol abuse. Please Drink Responsibly.