A Word On: Alcohol Pricing

I just want to leave this here for future reference because this can be a source of frustration or confusion for anyone looking at information on spirits online. Here’s the thing – Alcohol prices vary A LOT. It depends on taxes, import fees, currency exchange, distribution, price gouging, and, of course, regional supply & demand. […]

Review: The Sexton

The Sexton Irish Single Malt Whiskey This Blog’s inaugural review is of The Sexton. This Irish Whiskey is a new product to the market & brands itself as an “unexpected, modern-day Irish [Whiskey].” Its marketing begs your purchase; should you indulge it? The Notes Category: WhiskeyOrigin: IrelandDistillate: Single Malt (All Malted Barley)Distillation Method: Pot StillDistillery: […]