A Word On: Alcohol Pricing

I just want to leave this here for future reference because this can be a source of frustration or confusion for anyone looking at information on spirits online.

Here’s the thing – Alcohol prices vary A LOT. It depends on taxes, import fees, currency exchange, distribution, price gouging, and, of course, regional supply & demand.
Some states completely regulate what bottles you can buy, how many you can buy, where you can buy them from, & how much they cost.

I, however, still think it’s valuable to give a rough indication of pricing; after all, one important aspect of this blog is finding value. Value judgements are impossible to make unless you know how much something costs.

So, where do I get my pricing information…

My local Pricing
I live in South Louisiana & get my pricing from a selection of local stores. I find that prices here are representative of most US prices. Pricing outliers are rare.
Nationwide chains’ pricing
I always check outlets like Total Wine for a nationwide average.

If you think I’m way off on my pricing, let me know!! Prices change & the ones I go off of may not always be representative.

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