Wesam Reemawi – Bartender & Student

This Blog is dedicated to mastering the craft of cocktails & the things that go in them as an amateur. No professionals required; just a little passion & a lot of information.  Now & then, however, we must recharge our batteries & allow someone else’s talents, tastes, & techniques dictate what’s in our glass.  The best place to do that has & will always be a good bar; behind which, there is always a good bartender. 

Wesam Reemawi is a student at Nicholls State & one of the OG bartenders at the new Pour House in Houma, LA, a craft cocktail bar that, despite its cozy atmosphere, precise bartenders, & impressive selection of spirits & craft beer, focuses on offering a relaxing venue for anyone to enjoy a drink, local music, or football game.

I sat down with Wesam to discuss his experiences behind this bar.

What is it like for your first experience behind a bar to be in a serious cocktail bar?

“You’ve got a lot to learn… [When I first started we were The Piazza Bar] & then we made the transition to the Pour House, so there was a lot of learning… You’ve got to know every liquor inside out, every beer inside out.”  Sam took the accessibility of the Pour House to heart, learning along with the patrons what flavors & ingredients work best together so that every suggestion is well informed.  That knowledge has led to introducing customers to new things: “Some people who come here usually want Bud Light or Miller Lite, but I try to switch them to the (self serve craft) beer wall [& encourage them to] think of something different.

Since you’re a college student, how do you relate what you’re doing here to what you’re doing at school?

“Do as much as you can & try to do more… I never settle for good enough.  When I come to the bar, I want to treat [every guest] how I want to be treated.”  Sam’s philosophy of hard work carries him through all aspect of his life.  That philosophy sits perfectly within the walls of a craft cocktail bar or a classroom, where self-improvement is always necessary.

What are some of your favorite things about working here?

“The biggest thing is the customers… they want to talk about [all kinds of things].  Every time I see one of my regulars, I’m like, ‘I’m happy to be here.’” 

And what about the technique that I like to focus so much on?

Wesam & The Pour House, then, are both alike in their newcomer status, but more importantly, are united in their dedication to quality, presentation, & great service.

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